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UK Fresh 86 (19th July 1986)

UK Fresh 87 / 88

UK Fresh 87 and UK Fresh 88 were planned but never happened. UK Fresh 87 was planned for a Saturday in July but financial troubles with Streetwave early in the year (a meeting to liquidate/wind up Streetwave happened on 23/02/1987) caused it not to happen. UK Fresh 88 was planned for the 6th of August 1988 but again it never happened. There's some great info about these planned shows including lots of press cuttings on Mike Allen's web site.

Promotional Leaflet for UK Fresh 87 - Large

UK Fresh 03

Although advertised this event never took place!

Front BIG and Back BIG

UK Fresh 2011 (16th July 2011)

Official Street Sounds event page with limited edition DVD+CD purchase available.

UK Fresh 2016 (1st October 2016)

Street Sounds Facebook post.

Street Sounds 30th Anniversary (17th November 2012)

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