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About G-Man's Guide To Prague and the Czech Republic

Why yet another guide to Prague?

I visited Prague in the summer of 2001 and instantly fell in love with the city, Czech beer and Czech culture. After my second visit in the autumn of 2001 for Pilsner Fest 159 on the flight back to the UK I wondered how I could spend more time in Prague/the Czech Republic. During the 100 minute flight I planned how to change my life forever. The following day I quit my day job back in the UK and started my own company. Within two months I was renting an apartment in Prague. My company created it's own web site guide to Prague (amongst other projects) but 10 years later due to difficulties with my business partner leaving the company the site was sold off. The new owner has neglected it and it's been lifeless for many years. Plus not only are many of the other guides out there so swamped with information it's hard to find what you want but a lot of them have out of date/misleading information. As I have so much knowledge of Prague I thought why not create something simplistic with my own personal views and information right on the ground, in the heart of the city, for you the dear reader. So here I present my own personal guide to Prague and the Czech Republic

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Oh and if you're teetotal or a vegetarian you might not like what I publish here/tweet. If you're teetotal, Prague is not an ideal place - it really is full of beer including pubs that have your own beer tap at the table where you can pour as much beer as you can afford (and that's a lot because it's so cheap - beer is often cheaper than water here!). If you're vegetarian I have at least made a small effort on your behalf to list some of the places in Prague that are vegetarian/vegan friendly (but only because it's funny seeing bacon and even chicken listed on Czech menus in the vegetarian section).

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