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The Electro Series

Essential Electro Box Set

Release Date = ??/??/1985

Catalogue Numbers:

vinyl LP = HBOX 1

NOTE: This was a limited edition of just 5000 copies world wide.

The Essential Electro box set contained nine vinyl albums: Electro 1 thru 5, UK Electro, Crucial Electro 1 and 2 plus a bonus album "Hip Hop On Wax" which was only available in this box set. Each album in the set comes with a plain inner sleeve only and the sides are numbered 1-18. They do not, unfortunately, have the original colour printed sleeves.

Track Listing for the exclusive "Hip Hop On Wax" album

  1. DJ Vorn Supreme Allah - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 3
  2. DJ Red Alert - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 2
  3. DJ Chuck Chill Out - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 1
  4. DJ Chuck Chill Out / DJ Red Alert / DJ Vorn Supreme Allah - Hip Hop On Wax Volume 3, 2 & 1 (Crazy Electro Mix)

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