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The Electro Series

Electro 15

Release Date = ??/??/1986

Catalogue Numbers:

vinyl LP = ELCST 15

cassette = ZCELC 15

Track Listing

  1. Duke Bootee - Broadway
  2. Skinny Boys - Awesome
  3. Kurtis Blow - The Bronx
  4. D.J. Scott La Rock, Blastmaster K.R.S. One & D-Nice - South Bronx
  5. Marley Marl - The Man Marley Marl*
  6. Just-Ice - Cold Gettin' Dumb
  7. Faze One - Layin Down A Beat (Censored Version)
  8. The Move - Greedy Girls (Extended Version)
  9. Captain Rock - Bongo Beat
  10. Faze One - Stronger Than Strong (Remix)*

* For the vinyl LP these two tracks came as a separate 7" single (no picture sleeve)

Mixed by Mastermind

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