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The Electro Series

Electro 21

cassette cover scan provided by Stuart Tennant

Release Date = ??/??/1988

Catalogue Numbers:

vinyl LP = ELCST 21

cassette = ZCELC 21

compact disc = CDELC 21

Track Listing

  1. The Cold Crush Brothers - Feel The Horns
  2. Raw Dope Posse - Listen To My Turbo
  3. Spicy Ham - You Never Heard Of Me & I Never Heard Of You
  4. Jungle Brothers - Because I Like It Like That
  5. Sir Fresh & DJ Critical - Sir-Vere
  6. King Tre - Damn I'm Good
  7. 5 Star Moet - Let Me Love You
  8. M.C. Rajah - Funky Bass

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