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The Nu Electro Series

Nu Electro 3

Release Date = 09/2010

Catalogue Numbers:

Compact Disc = SSNECD 003

Vinyl = SSNELP 003

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Track Listing

  1. CAPTAIN ROCK - Dance & Party (Laa-dee-Daa-dee)
  2. NEWCLEUS feat. THE B BOYS - We Devolve
  3. BRIAN E with THE EGYPTIAN LOVER - This Nu Electro
  4. JUST-ICE & KRS-ONE - Blah, Blah, Blah (DJ Tones Remix)
  5. LEKTROID feat. XIDUS PAIN - Welcome To The Future
  6. DARXID - You (Rewerked)
  7. FATBACK 4WAY - Watchin' All The Ladies
  8. MR. P & THE GUNSLINGER - Just Another Day
  9. REENO feat. JLA - $ex & Money
  10. BLOCO ELECTRO - Funk Batida (Street Sounds Mix)
  11. DJ XED - Electrify
  12. AJ-BEATZ - Take Control
  13. N-TER - This Is My Life
  14. ANTHONY NUZZO - Aliens Attack
  15. J-DOUBLE - 2 Tha Limit
  16. PROTOTYPE & UNIQUE - Unique Morning (Street Sounds Remix)
  17. ROB REAL vs. ILLEKTRISS - Bittersweet
  18. DJ SONIC - Magic Carpet Ride (Zoid Mix)
  19. MAGNETIC BASS FORCE - The Mighty Computer Power

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